Many valuable resources are available for parents and families. We have included links to several of the most helpful and popular resources on a wide variety of child-related topics here for your convenience. We would appreciate your feedback after you review some of them.

  • - information on NAEYC accreditation
  • - Nutrition guidelines from the USDA (My Plate replaced the Food Pyramid)
  • - offers parents and professional information, publications, and training resources
  • - Eight main areas, from a list of local musical appearances to a section called "pipsqueaks", with hundreds of links to children's song lyrics
  • - The "lessons" pages on this website have art activity ideas to use with children, from preschool up through high school levels
  • - Are education section, with lesson ideas, teaching techniques, a science lab, and more
  • - Database of resources and articles on all aspects of food safety
  • - Latest recall information on many child-related products, from care seats to sippy cups
  • - Food education for consumers, families and schools; research and resources including information on the food pyramid, economics, nutritional content, and more.