Bemis Farms Child Care and Preschool requires the completion of several forms before your child can be registered for any of the programs. Parents are solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information contained within the forms and for keeping the forms updated. Parents will be required to review/update the forms for accuracy each September.

Please contact Bemis Farms at 734-944-1709 or email: for a registration packet.

The forms include the following:

  • Enrollment Form
  • Contract
  • Child Information Record (E-Card)
  • Parental Agreement Form
  • Health Appraisal
  • Statement of Good Health Form (Extended care only)
  • Non-Prescription Medication Form
  • Handbook Release/Waiver Form
  • Photo permission slip
  • Pre-Enrollment Checklist

In addition, one of the following written statements is required:

  • A signed statement regarding the state of the child's health based on an evaluation by a licensed physician or the physician's designee made within the preceding 12 months and every year thereafter. Any restrictions on activities must be stated by a licensed physician; or
  • A written statement from the parent that the child has completed or has an appointment to take part in a health care program that shall include health observations, physical assessments, and screening tests when such a health program is available and has been approved by the Department of Public Health. The result of this health screening program shall be on file in the center following such an assessment and shall be updated every two years; or
  • A signed statement that the child is in good health and that the parent assumes responsibility for the child's state of health while at the center. This is acceptable only if the parent objects to physical examination or medical treatment on religious grounds.



A child may be dismissed from any of the Bemis Farms Child Care and Preschool programs if:

  • The parent fails to follow program policies.
  • The program is determined to be an inappropriate setting.
  • A parent may withdraw their child from program, by submitting a two week written notice. In the event that a two week written notice of withdrawal is not provided, the amount equal to two weeks of child care fees will be assessed. 
  • The Provider may terminate the contract without notice if:
  1. The child care fees or other fees are not paid when due, or 
  2. The parents do not follow the program policies 
  3. The continued participation in the program creates a direct threat to the safety of other chldren, or Bemis Farms Inc.  staff


Confidentiality Policy


All information you provide to Bemis Farms Child Care and Preschool is confidential and is used for internal purposes only. It will not be released to any person or agency without your permission unless required by statute, court order, or licensing mandate.