I am always pleased by what I see when I pick up my son at 5 o'clock.  The kids are busily and happily working and playing.  There is a sense of productivity and order.  Maybe it's because they have matured as kindergarteners, but probably it's because Miss Kristen runs a great classroom!

-Katy Clark

"Ms. Libby is a genuine educator with enormous talent and skill.  She has made it her mission to understand and encourage my grandson in every aspect of his developmental growth.  Ms. Libby was quick to recognize that he is ahead of the curve educationally, and she has used this knowledge to supplement his learning within the classroom.

The care she has for her students is evident in the kindness and patience that she shows daily.  There has not been one day, when asked how his day at school was,  that he has not responded, "Great.  I had a great day."  When we ask hime to tell us about his day, i.e. what was the best thing you did or learned today, it is always a list of several activities that captured his interest.  He is able to relay details that let us know that he has truly "learned"."

The care our children have received has been excellent. The staff, both in the Infant Room and with the groups for the older children, has been attentive and professional and truly has been concerned with our children's cognitive, physical and emotional development. We have appreciated the staff's reports of our children's activities of the day, as well as the more formal periodic updates every six months or so. We have always felt that the Bemis Farms staff members do an excellent job with communication and have responded to any questions or concerns we might have had.

We can highly recommend Bemis Farms to other families and have done so many times. Our children often don't want to come home at the end of the day because they're having too much fun! As parents, we find this very reassuring that our children feel very comfortable at Bemis Farms.

Donna and Ronald Sayre

Bemis Farms is not a Daycare or Preschool...it is a home that nurtures, comforts, and supports our children through the most critical time in a child's life, just like their own home.

Our daughter, Sarah Miller, completed your pre-kindergarten program at Bemis Farms in spring of 2002. Because of Sarah's birthday being in January, we had to make a decision whether to enroll Sarah into the Saline kindergarten program, or to hold her back and have her participate in the Bemis Farms' Pre-K program. We decided on the later.

The Pre-K program allowed Sarah to spend additional time working with the Bemis Farms' teachers focusing on essential developmental experiences. The teachers changed their approach with the children in the pre-k class (different from that of the day care). They added a structure more representative of a kindergarten program that helped to give the kids more independence. We feel that this adequately prepared Sarah for the kindergarten transition and as a result has allowed her to excel in her class today.

It's obvious that the teachers have strong feeling for the children and it shows. Thank you for all your help.

Lisa Miller

I highly recommend Bemis Farms Preschool and Day Care to anyone looking for exceptional care for their child. Our son, Brendan, has been at Bemis Farms since he was 4 months old. He recently turned 2 years old and loves going to "school". He learned so much due to the education, ongoing training and dedication of his many teachers along the way.

We are both professionals working full-time, and feel very in touch with the day-to-day activities Brendan participates in, as well as any behavioral, medical or development issues (good or bad) noted by his teachers. I've observed interaction of staff with children of all ages and they show a great deal of respect for the child.

Brendan has already learned his ABC's, colors, shapes, over 15 songs and how to use his words to express his feelings. The biggest challenge we have these days is getting out the door in less than 15 minute as Brendan wants to take time to say goodbye to everyone in the building and show us all the fun things he's played with during the day!

Cindy and Dave Munday

This letter serves as a recommendation for Bemis Farms Preschool. As a parent of a child enrolled at Bemis Farms, I have been very impressed with the caring staff, teaching methodology, and the physical environment.

The most important aspect of a preschool, I believe, is the safety of children. I believe Bemis Farms provides a safe environment for children. Not only are the grounds safe from unknown visitors, the staff adhere to all appropriate safety procedures.

The care and teaching provided to the children is first rate! The curriculum is well designed for early childhood development. I believe the children are learning at age-appropriate levels and will be more than prepared to enter kindergarten. The staff at Bemis Farms provide activities and a learning environment that fosters cognitive growth and development, encourages motor skill improvement and the building of social skills.

The entire staff at Bemis Farms are consummate professionals. They are always pleasant and extremely helpful. As a parent, I am also impressed with the feedback they provide about my child's development and interaction with other classmates. As our first child heads off to Kindergarten this fall, we are delighted that Bemis Farms also provides an enriching environment for latchkey! Our youngest child will also enroll this year! Thank you Bemis!

Lisa Clark

We are the parents of a nine year old son who is currently a part of the before and after school program at Bemis Farms. He has attended Bemis Farms since the age of four years and has been through the preschool, kindergarten, summer as well as the before and after school programs. We have been very pleased with all aspect of Bemis Farms, not only because of the great staff and flexibility but also because of the unique environment it has offered. We have been very comfortable with the care and education he has received while at Bemis Farms and he has always enjoyed the experience. He is looking forward to another summer filled with adventure. I would highly recommend Bemis Farms to anyone looking for fun and safe environment for their child.

Joe and Lori Hoffman