Welcome to Bemis Farms 2 @ Lincoln – Where Friends Meet Friends!

Bemis Farms is pleased to provide the Preschool and Extended Care Programs for the children of Lincoln Consolidated Schools. We are proud and excited to be a part of this wonderful school district, and we are calling this program Bemis Farms 2.

Programs are located inside Model and Childs Elementary Schools.  Model, Bishop, and Brick Elementary students go to Model Elementary for Extended Care.

Our theme for Lincoln is "Where Friends Meet Friends." Our program provides a safe and friendly place where children can have the opportunity to relax and play with their friends after a long school day. Children learn many important social skills to succeed in life through play, and the Bemis Farms staff will help with conflict management skills, talking through problems, and using manners with friends - all important life skills for today and the future.

The children in the Bemis Farms Lincoln program have daily opportunities to engage in activities to help them both scholastically and socially. Teachers are available to help with homework, and all children will have the opportunity to play alone or in a group. Some of the favorite activities have been silent seatball, tag, fuse beads, large puzzles, science experiments, board and card games, sports, and art projects. Bemis Farms offers a variety of programs to meet your needs.  Meeting friends in a relaxed environment makes this program special.