"We have been very pleased with all aspect of Bemis Farms, not only because of the great staff and flexibility but also because of the unique environment it has offered."


Gold Group

Preschoolers (4-5 years)

Bemis Farms' Pre-Kindergarten program (Gold Group) provides readiness skills that will help prepare your child for Kindergarten with letter recognition using both 'Letter Links' and Zoo Phonics, number recognition , shapes, and colors within our small/large group times. We also work on names, phone numbers, and addresses, in addition to other Kindergarten curriculum requirements. To encourage independence, we use  Plan - Do - Review times, as well as a period for quiet rest.  During the process of Plan- Do- Review, we will share any special activities that are available in addition to their other areas of 'choice' (art, book, block, toy, sensory, house and writing).  The children tell, write, or draw out their Plan (what they intend on playing with).  Then they will Do (go about their play).  When the choice time (Do) is over and we have cleaned up, we will Review (tell what we did during choice time). 


The Gold Group Schedule includes the following (not necessarily in this order):


Small Group Activity Time

Large Group Activity Time

Snack Time

Plan - Do - Review Times

Outside Time (Twice a day)


Rest/Quiet Time Activities

Snack Time

Personal Care Time