Purple Group

Preschoolers (2.5 - 3 years)

The High Scope curriculum is based on the belief that young children "build or construct their knowledge of the world, and that children are active learners."  Throughout the day children are provided support by staff, and are given the freedom to make choices in their learning.  HighScope areas for 'do time' include; art, book, block, writing, house, sensory and toy. A major aspect in High Scope is called plan-do-review, in which children prepare for play, participate and then share their experience, within their class.  


The Daily Schedule includes the following (not necessarily in this order):


Small Group Activity Time

Large Group Activity Time

Snack Time

Plan - Do - Review Times

Outdoor Time (Twice a day)


Rest/Quiet Time Activities

Snack Time

Personal Care Time



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