"The staff, both in the Infant Room and with the groups for the older children, has been attentive and professional and truly has been concerned with our children's cognitive, physical and emotional development."


Yellow Group

Infant/Toddler (6 weeks - 18 months)

The Infant/Toddler program consists of loving and secure care that responds to each child's needs promptly. As Toddlers grow and develop, they will be transitioned into the Toddler group. The class will be set up with areas for the toddlers as well as the infants. There are designated areas aligned with our HighScope curriculum, such as; block, toy, art, house, sensory, and book areas.

The Typical Schedule includes the following (not necessarily in this order):


Choice Time

Small Group Activity Time

Large Group Activity Time

Snack Time

Outdoor Time (Twice a day)


Rest & Quiet Time Activities

Personal Care Time