Bemis Farms is not a Daycare or is a home that nurtures, comforts, and supports our children through the most critical time in a child's life, just like their own home.


Bemis Farms Childcare & Preschool Programs

Based on HighScope Curriculum, Bemis Farms provides a complete program that focuses on active participatory learning.  Staff members are professionally trained, and committed to providing personalized attention and care to each child.

Bemis Farms offers many additional resources to help keep our families strong, such as; Monthly Newsletters, Parental Involvement Group, Family Events, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Parent Classes & Trainings, Nutritional Meals & Snacks, and Flexible Scheduling.

To meet the needs of the developing child and provide quality care, the staff at Bemis Farms strives to:

  • Provide a healthy and safe environment
  • Provide a secure, comfortable, enjoyable, and responsive environment
  • Respect, accept, and appreciate each child
  • Provide learning opportunities designed to promote each child's total growth and development
  • Encourage each child's independence, autonomy, and self-discipline
  • Maintain an environment free of racial or sex role bias, stereotype, or prejudice
  • Honor the ideals and principles of the National Association of the Education of the Young child (NAEYC) Code of Ethical Conduct